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Exposed: Ghanaian blogger Shizzy Banks is now a fraudster; victim drops details & photos

  • A Ghanaian blogger who obviously failed in his blogging career, has turned to fraud, defrauding his colleagues.

Former blogger Wisdom Ayindenaba Aporeyore who also goes by the Aliases Shizzy Banks and Kofi Ayindenaba Mama, has changed his profession to become a fraudster after failing at blogging.

Information provided to us by a blogger who would like to remain anonymous indicates Shizzy Banks defrauded him of GHC600 in an effort to buy a website and adsense account from him.

From the information, Shizzy banks posted on social media that he was selling an adsense account with an active domain and balance on it. The blogger who was interested in the offer, got in touch with him. Through phone calls and WhatsApp messages, they agreed on a final price GHC1200.

The blogger paid half of the the amount and the adsense details was handed to him. After logging in and finding out that it had no domain and balance as was advertised by fraudster (Kofi Asaare) Shizzy Banks, the blogger requested that the transaction be cancelled because that was not the deal.

At this point, Fraudster Wisdom Asaare (Shizzy Banks) still had access to the account on his device. He agreed to reverse the money to the blogger. After a while, he changed the password and account recovery details, logging the blogger out of the account.

That was the end game, he never responded to any of the blogger’s messages and went ahead to block him on Whatsapp and Facebook. His calls went unanswered. That is the modus operandi of local online fraudsters.

The blogger immediately reported the matter to MTN which is currently being investigated.

From what can be gathered, the Shizzy Bank account hasn’t been compromised since he continued posting while carrying out the fraudulent venture. Also the number used for communications is the one used by the blogger in his flyers available online.

Below are a few of the screenshots received from the blogger.

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