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Efia Odo reveals what she worships and it is not Good – see what she worships

Ghanaian controversial actress and social media celebrity, Andrea Owusu popularly known as Efia Odo has set social media on fire as she reveals what she worships.

Efia Odo’s take on religion and the abrahamic God has not been hidden from the public domain.

She has on different occasions disclose her disbelief in the God character presented in the religious books.

Well she has decided to drill the last nail on the casket of religion and the God believe after she has been dragged on social media on same issue.

She disclosed in a tweet that she has an object of worship but it’s not the God portrayed in the Bible or Quaran. According to her, she worships the sun.

She explained her reason for worshipping the sun to be the fact that, the sun gives life. She tweeted: “I worship the sun, it gives life”

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