Don’t tell others what you’re doing until it’s done. Negative energy can block progress

A man has advised citizens of the world to keep their business, goals and projects to themselves at least until the goal has been achieved, warning that telling others comes with a great danger.

Most often we are tempted to share our ideas and projects with others, to show them how we are doing in life and the progress we are making towards set out goals.

But unknown to us, people are not always happy for the progress of others, and most of such people possess the spirit of envy and jealousy, a very negative energy which can cause them to dampen the positive energy of the other by their negative comments and advice.

Obeng Prince, sharing his thoughts, advised that we keep whatever we’re doing to ourselves until it is done and rather show the results because negative energy from people outside has the potential to block progress.

Not everyone carries positive energy that is why it is necessary to keep what you’re doing to yourself until it is done. Negative energy from others you tell your business to can block your progress. I know this from experience. He wrote in a Facebook post.

Dissecting his post, I believe the negative energy he describes could be in various forms, from doubt from others which can throw you off your enthusiasm or from envy which can lead the other to try and sabotage your work or try to take it for themselves.

Whatever form this may be, it all could be prevented by knowing how to keep important projects, goals and aspirations you’re pursuing to yourself and working assiduously towards them and in the end, you show off the results.

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