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Don’t stop being nice when people take advantage of you, rather limit their access to you – Netizen


Advice has gone to benevolent individuals who for some reason are being taken advantage of by the very people they seek to help in society.

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A Twitter user with the username @volqx has opined that people shouldn’t stop being nice to others even though the act may be killing them and making them unhappy, rather they should limit people’s access to them, in so doing they will take control.

He added that such pro boundaries and measures should be put in place before hand in order to take control and ensure their benevolence doesn’t turn out to be a burden.

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If being too nice is killing you rather than making you happy, you shouldn’t stop being nice, it’s a natural force that you cannot stop, it’s who you are. What you should do is limit your access set pro boundaries – these are boundaries you set before hand be in CONTROL” he wrote

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