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Don’t stay single for too long, being cozy alone can ruin future affairs – Man advises


Love is a beautiful thing that everyone needs to experience, especially the reassuring thought that someone is always looking out for your well being and making you a part of their life.

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Unfortunately, some people have had a bitter experience with this same thing called love and have as a result, shut themselves up to the idea, retracting back into their shells and their personal space.

While this offers one a chance to reflect on what might have gone wrong in the previous relationship, staying too long in singleness, according to an advise, can be detrimental should one eventually decide to jump onto the love bandwagon again.

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Taking to Twitter, Dada Joe posited that, getting too comfortable being alone can wreak havoc on future relationships.

Explaining his point, he intimated that, when one stays single for too long, they learn to live on their own and get comfortable in their own personal space.

He went on to say that staying too long in this bubble could mean that one would find it hard letting others in to be a part of their life and when eventually they give love a chance, and go into a new relationship, they become withdrawn to themselves because they have become comfortable being with just themselves and not having others share in their life.


Such people find it hard giving attention to their partners, something that every relationship needs, therefore the risk of that relationship breaking apart becomes quite high.

Staying single for too long can make you become comfortable being alone. The independence is great but this is also dangerous because it can affect your future relationships negatively. You become selfish and withdrawn from the other which is a recipe for chaos 🤦‍♂️” he wrote.

Effectively, he advises that people don’t stay too long in their singleness but pursue love after healing from a failed relationship, saying its rather better to apply the lessons learned to make the new relationship better and stronger than staying away from relationships for an extended period of time.

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