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Don’t rush to date a guy, be his friend first, he may introduce you to his friends with more money – Lady advises

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Men have long accused ladies of chasing their money most of the time and not love. Infact lack of money has caused so many relationships to end and it seems that trend is here to stay.

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A lady has offered somewhat of a solution that may be mutually beneficial to both men and women, depending on which perspective you see it from.

In a post, she intimated that Ladies shouldn’t rush into relationships with guys who propose to them.

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Instead, She advices ladies to opt for friendship first and wait for a while because the guy might have friends who are richer who may like her.

Presumably, this way, she can go ahead to date the rich one while leaving the heart of the first guy intact because it wasn’t a relationship in the first place.

Maame Efya, a Facebook user wrote: “Never rush into a relationship with a guy, be his friend first, maybe he has friends with more money.  Ladies, let’s be wise cos times are hard”

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