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Don’t reject serious men for guys who’ll make you single mothers and still say men are trash – Lady


The worldwide anthem for ladies disappointed one way or the other by men they dated is the ever popular “Men are trash”, signifying men are inherently dishonest in relationships.

While it may be the case that some men take advantage of love to inflict untold pain on women they claim to love, such men make a small fraction of all men and would be an unfair representation of all men.

It is premised on this that advice has gone to ladies to stop the generalization that men are trash and begin to consider the possibility that it’s their taste in men that’s trash after rejecting serious guys for those who treated them awfully and made them single mothers.

Ngwana Hanudi, a netizen in post on social media wrote that it’s lady’s taste for men that’s trash after rejecting men who wanted to make them wives for men who made them single mothers.

We Rejected Guys Who Were Going To Make Us Wives For Guys Who Made Us Single Mothers, Men Are Not Trash But Our Taste For Men Is Trash 💀” she wrote

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