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Don’t open your mouth for Black D!ck and keep it closed on Black issues – Lady advises white ladies

A placard from one of the Justice for Goerge Floyd protests have caught our attention due to its profound and yet outrageously bizzare message.

The picture posted by @6ixwars shows a white lady partaking in the protests at a location we haven’t been able to identify, and posing for a picture with a placard which asked white ladies not to keep mute over Black issues.

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Her explanation though, is in congruence with a widely held view that white ladies love African men because they have a few extra inches to offer down there.

Basing her call on that, she asked her fellow white ladies to not only open their mouths for a black man’s d!!k but close it on black issues, effectively saying that if they see it fit to enjoy all the love and affection that their black partners bring, then it is incumbent on them to also speak up for them.

While her choice of message might have been on the more graphic side, activists, both Black and white have called on the white population to acknowledge that white privilege exists, denounce it and join the Movement for equal justice and bring an end to racial discrimination in the United states.