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Don’t marry a lady because of big buttocks, remember the biggest key on the keyboard writes nothing – Man says

Big buttocks have since time immemorial been a thing many men have been fascinated by and eventually has become an accessory society glorifies, especially in African communities.


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Despite its obvious aesthetic appearance and attraction, advice has gone to men to becareful  not to make it the sole reason they take a lady to the altar.

Marriage is a serious business and mistakes have grave consequences, that’s why it is necessary to marry for the right reasons, and big buttocks, according to a profound quote chanced upon, is not a good reason.

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The quote whose author is not yet known compares women with big backsides to the largest key on the keyboard, that’s the space bar, saying it writes nothing, alluding to the situation where a women endowed with big buttocks may just be empty headed and hence will add no value to a man’s life.

Never consider marrying a lady because of big butts, remember the biggest key on the keyboard writes nothing.” It says.

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