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Don’t lose a good man thinking he can’t afford you; you’re not a property to be bought – Lady advises


A lady on twitter has advised her fellow ladies to not put money first in the things to consider before accepting a guy for a relationship. According to her, many girls lose good men because they think those men can’t afford them.

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Often times, we hear girls bragging that a particular set of guys can’t afford them because they feel they are very expensive. What they look out for in men is the ability of the man to shower money on them.

Many people have expressed some concerns about this mindset of modern day ladies. Money has proven to be an important factor in relationship of late. In fact, the success of a relationship these days hinges on the depth of one’s pocket.

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Men assume the bankrolling role once they get into a relationship with a lady. The issue of money playing a role in a lady’s choice of man is becoming institutionalized. Almost all modern day ladies have that mentality.

Fortunately, there are still few ladies out there who believe that love should not be about materialism. These set of ladies, though rare, still exist in our society.

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The twitter user who goes with the handle @Ayigbe_Nani chastised her colleagues for choosing money over love. She tweeted; “”Ladies”…Don’t loose a good man because you think he can’t afford you. You are a soul to be loved not a property to be bought. Can we all agree…?”

Nowadays, single, unemployed girls want to live a lifestyle that is way above their reach. They want to go on expensive shopping spree every week knowing very well that they can’t afford such lifestyles themselves.

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