Home General News “Don’t go beyond three children” – Population council caution couples.

“Don’t go beyond three children” – Population council caution couples.

Image: Daily Monitor

Nsemwoha recently reported that African women were having too many babies which was impairing further on the economic growth of African nations.

Currently Ghanaians give birth to over 600,000 children each year and the rate of growth is pegged at about 2.18%. Most of these births are by couples with poor finances and living standards way below acceptable.

This has brought enormous pressure on public facilities and amenities and increasing government expenditure of social intervention programs like the Free SHS, School feeding program and the national health insurance scheme.

The population Council therefore has cautioned couples to limit childbirth to only three children to help regulate the ever increasing population and improve on the living standards of the citizens of the country. It said it will soon introduce sanctions on couples who exceed the recommended limit of three.


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