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Don’t date a lady who sleeps before 10pm, she’ll wake up at 3am and go through your phone – Men Adviced

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Following the sentencing of Maryam Bello in Nigeria to death for killing her Husband Alhaji Bello after she went through his phone and saw things she wasn’t supposed to see, guys are becoming more careful with their phones.

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A netizen, has taken the time to advice men to look carefully at the lady they go out with, spot some behaviors that could potentially save their lives.

In a post on Facebook, the netizen adviced that men should be careful about dating women who sleep before 10pm in the night.

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Justifying his stance, he said such ladies go to sleep early and are up by 3am, a time that most men are asleep and go through phones of their partners to find out things he is hiding her, especially if he is entertaining other females.

Me, Kwaku Fosu, date a girl who Dey sleep before 10pm, never. those girls Dey wake up around 3am and go through your phone. Devils????????????????????????????

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