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Don’t buy sugar and groundnut from the same shop, they’ll know you’re going to drink Gari soakings – Man advices


Gari the savior, Gari the king of all foods, gari the food that doesn’t need advert but sells more than indomie, these are but a few accolades the almighty Gari enjoys in Africa.

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But while Gari enjoys popularity, especially among students, it is also seen as a survival food, only settled on when one has dry pockets.

Therefore, an advice has gone to guys who rely on gari soakings to make it through the month because of their measly salaries.

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In order to protect one’s reputation in an area, always buy the ingredients, sugar and groundnut separately from different shops.

This, it is said will make sure the shop owners are not able to deduce that one is going to make gari soakings, which also translates to brokenness.

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