Don’t be stingy to share your husband with another wife, Lady to fellow women

Wasilat Ismail has hit hard on women who says they cannot share their husband with another woman.

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She said it is better for women to share their husband with another woman, because men will still go out with another woman no matter how special their wife is to them.

Wasilat said this while responding to a Facebook user who asked a question in a group, “can you allow your husband to marry second wife?”

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She wrote: “Hmmm for some of the Christian and Muslim that said no i hope you are going to be the only woman your husband have been with since his life time and also to the ladies i just hope you should be the only woman ever in your husband arms

Because if your husband has dated a lady without marrying her before you definitely he has shared himself with another woman and as a lady if you have dated a guy before marring your husband then what’s now different in it please don’t be stingy to share your husband with another wife because some of our men still go out there with other women no matter how special you think you are to them

So be wise because some men can’t tell you that you can’t satisfy them and the best thing they will do is to be cheating on you which is not the best

For me i rather accept second wife than sharing my husband with different women out there

Just pray for good mate and also advise your husband in choosing the right person thanks

Sorry if i offend anyone here

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