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Don’t be ashamed of the scars sustained in your hustle to feed your family – man advices

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Scars are a cosmetic blemish that people want to hide away from the prying and judging eyes of others.

In adults, most often it may have been sustained during work to make ends meet, provide for family and pay bills.

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Why it became something to be ashamed of, it not exactly known, perhaps the pursuit of beauty but that doesn’t put food on the table.

We chanced on a profound quote by a man named Senior Servant Joemens, which says that “Don’t be ashamed of the scars your father sustained in hunting food for you”.

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We are here to tell you, that not only should you not be ashamed of your scars, you should be proud of them, they’re a hard copy receipt that you got everything you have the honest way which is always the hardest way.

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