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Don’t be absent in your kid’s life and later blame the mother if child hates you – Fathers told

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It is not rocket science that when a father is physically absent in his child’s life, the probability of the two forming any bond is negligible and most of such fathers end up getting the cold shoulder from their kids.

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Unfortunately, mothers are mostly accused of poisoning the minds of their kids against their absent fathers because of their personal grudge against the father.

This, a man has said is not always the case and that absent fathers should bear all the blame if their children don’t love them.

He says it is nonsense to think that women are always the ones poisoning the minds of their children against the absent father because children are by themselves able to notice a father who doesn’t want to be a part of their life.

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He explained that, the biggest poison to a child against an absent father, is the actual absence of the man in the child’s life not that it’s the mother who tells the child to hate the absent father.

Dear Absent fathers, Never assume that the mother taught the child to hate you. A child can notice a father who doesn’t want to be involved in his child’s life. Stop this nonsense of always thinking that mothers poison their kids against you. Your absence is the biggest poison.”

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