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Don’t ask for equality but run from financial responsibilities in the home – Man advices women


Advice has gone to every millennial lady that equality in the home and all spheres of life also comes with sharing responsibilities traditionally slapped on men.

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The Twitter user @maxvayshia in a post said this is 2020 and as women ask for equality, they should also know that it is no longer the sole responsibility of the man to provide for the home, financially and physical security among others.

This one is not in tune with reality. This is 2020. It is no longer solely a man’s job to provide for the home, the woman has had that responsibility since equality was granted her as a right. This is why they are no longer called couples but PARTNERS. Realise this now fade away.

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Financial responsibilities, physical security of the home and every other thing is d job of both d man and woman. There are no roles meant for anyone. They are equal by right and where rights are granted, there is always responsibilities. Know this now or wake up to a rude shock.” He wrote.

Tweet by @maxvayshia
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