Home General News Did you know my Husband? – Mrs. Amissah Arthur cries

Did you know my Husband? – Mrs. Amissah Arthur cries


The late vice president Amissah Arthur’s funeral has not been without controversy.

Some comments has been made about the death of Fante leaders who rise to the top of Ghanas political ladder with some members of the NPP saying the late vice president was relegated to the background by former president Mahama.


Recent comments made by the widow has added to the controversy arising from the funeral rites of the late vice president.

Reading her tribute,

Mrs Amissah- Arthur asked: I am amazed by the outpouring of tributes for my husband. So, did they really know him? The treachery against my husband, the mischief, the false accusations, the maligning, the deliberately changing things to make him look bad… so you can look good… So, I ask did they really know my husband?”

It is however not clear who those comments were directed at.