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Did Medikal make a mistake by dropping ‘Plug EP’ same day as ShattaYonce’s ‘Already’?

medikal the plug released same day as already by beyonce and shatta wale

The Ghanaian music industry probably is the hottest at the moment with never ending controversies, rivalries and achievements creating talking points and leaving no dull moment.

Since Tuesday, one word has been on the lips of everyone interested in Ghana music, and that’s “Already”, Beyonce’s collaboration with Ghana’s Shatta Wale, news of which has dominated traditional and the social media space since.

With the track’s release Yesterday and the sort of excitement surrounding its release, it was in all honesty weird for any artists to release not a single but a whole EP album, I’m obviously referring to the release of Medikal’s ‘The Plug’ album.

Understandably, the release date may have been set whiles back and under normal circumstances, the release of a single song by one artist shouldn’t stop another from going ahead to release an album on the same day.

But a circumspectial look at the situation and one would suggest the album release should have been delayed, at least until the hype around ‘Already’ died out in order for the album to receive the needed attention.

Now the album was released anyways, and it’s almost as if nothing happened. Certainly the timing was bad and who else is to blame but his management.

The Plug EP contains some great songs, my personal favorite being Higher which Medikal featured Efya. You can have a listen to songs on the album here (Medikal The Plug)

Source: nsemwoha.com