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Defrauded Elite Kingdom Customers Seek Govt’s Intervention


Some customers of real Estate firm, Elite Kingdom Investments have opened up on how the company duped them of their hard earned monies through land sales and other real estate related offers and are calling on government for justice.

Daughter of one such customer Odamea Amoako, recounting her father’s ordeal, said her father, one Mr. Kofi Amoako paid GHC15,000 for lands located at Oyibi, close to the Valley View University, showing documents to that effect, but was never allocated the lands upon full payment.

Many other customers have also taken to social media to complain that after payment, they were never allocated the said lands, some have even threatened legal action on the estate of Mr. Robert Djangmah who is now deceased and will be buried on 14th March 2020.

The company is said to have rolled up and vanished when customers began demanding for their land. They closed all their offices and disconnected all their numbers.



The surge in Real estate fraud in Ghana; The Case of Elite Kingdom Investments

“….In Ghana, people get duped and nothing is done about it. I have read online and I came to the realisation that my dad is not the only victim to Elite Kingdom Investment’s fraudulent activities. There are petitions being signed online, people complaining about how unfairly they were treated and it seems no one is hearing them.

Attached are images of the official documents signed by the Late Robert Djangmah who vanished after my dad paid GHC 15, 000 for lands allocated him as far back as 2010 along the Oyibi road which is just a few metres away from Valley View University.

The phone numbers on the documents were disconnected, offices were relocated. After sometime, the new offices were also shut down. My father ,Mr Kofi Amoako saw recurrent adverts on TV and as a middle aged man with vision and ambition to become a better person in the near future decided to purchase land from them. He met The Late Djangmah at East Legon and had a healthy negotiation and paid part of the monies required. Long story cut short, he drove all the way from Tarkwa to all the offices in Tema, Madina and East Legon and the offices were closed after he had finished paying.

How is Ghana going to become better for us if we are our own enemies? How will Ghana progress if people in influencing positions keep mishandling the hard earned monies of hardworking Ghanaians? Do we serve justice for all here in Ghana?

Per my readings online, Elite Kingdom was established in 2009 and as at that time, almost all the leading media houses had adverts about them. One question I began to ask myself is that, why doesn’t the same media that implanted the Elite Kingdom Investment into Ghanaians minds help seek justice for the victims?

Now, the CEO is dead. What happens to the hundreds of Ghanaians who have been duped by his company? How is justice going to be served? Is this going to be one of the examples of “Ghanaians forget easily” syndrome?
According to the Criminal Code 1960 (Act 29) Section 128,129,131-134 and 141 addresses this issue. ?

-Odamea Amoako (Daughter of a Victim of Elite Kingdom Investment frauds)”

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