Home Editorial Dear NDC, Why you can’t afford to resurrect the “DEAD GOAT”

Dear NDC, Why you can’t afford to resurrect the “DEAD GOAT”

You must be familiar with the story of a pastor who asked his congregants to place a hand on the part of their body which was infirmed for a word of prayer and healing. It is said that a man was stopped by his wife in his attempt to place his hand on his manhood. “Healing is for the sick not the dead” the wife yelled.


Come December 7th, the National Democratic Congress NDC will be going to the polls to choose their Moses to lead them to the Jubilee house. It is not promised them by a divine hand like the biblical story therefore it is imperative that whoever is chosen is acceptable to the millions of thumbs needed to bring the umbrella back into power.

In that regard, the last person NDC needs is John Dramani Mahama. The former president presided over what most will call the worst regime in terms of corruption in the history of Ghana. In his defense he may claim not to be directly responsible for the numerous scandals that siphoned billions of Ghana cedis from the nation’s coffers, but he bears the ultimate blame for failing in his duty as an oversight to his money hungry Ministers and CEOs. The ruling NPP, while in opposition made sure they engraved this point of view into the minds of the electorate. They may have exaggerated in some instances for propaganda purposes but people can’t unhear what they’ve heard.

The name John Mahama is tagged with and synonymous to corruption, be it true, half truth or false and it will take more than aggressive communicators and mammoth rallies to change this notion.

Therefore the best a party like the NDC must do to avoid the unprecedented gap witnessed in the 2016 election in 2020, is to present a new face, a sign of new beginning, someone who will dissociate himself from the unfortunate legacy of the previous administration. Whoever NDC settles on, they can’t afford to resurrect the DEAD GOAT.


Joe Nayere for Nsemwoha.com