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Dear Ladies, If he is stingy as a boyfriend, he will be stingy as a husband – Lady says

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A lady has sent a piece of advice to ladies, alerting them to be careful of boyfriends who aren’t so generous with their money as they date.

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She intimated this in disagreement with an advice given by popular Nigerian Twitter voice, Reno Omokri, who said a man must be stingy with his money until he marries.

Reno Omokri wrote: “”Dear men, You need a woman you can share your heart with, not one you can only share your money with. Until you get married, be stingy with money and be generous with affection. The woman that stays under those circumstances, is the woman for you

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The Twitter user @Winniefred in her reply wrote “Sir but the man that doesn’t share money with you now will not share when he marry you”

Effectively advising that a boyfriend who is stingy will remain stingy as a husband so ladies should thread carefully.