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Dating a woman who cannot help her man financially when he’s broke is a waste of time


The world as we know it has changed fundamentally in so many ways as society’s eyes opens wider on how to foster better relationships and improve our general quality of life.

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To have a better quality of life, the person you decide to partner with in life is crucial to the realization or failure of same, and obviously money plays a big role in how one’s life ends up like.

Basing on this premise, advice has gone to men not only consider the beauty and physical structure of the woman they want to date and possibly marry, but her industriousness and ability to help financially especially when he goes broke.

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Taking to Facebook, Mosebadji Omo Shy wrote that any woman who isn’t capable of helping her man financially during his difficult days is a big liability and a waste of time to date or marry.

Dating a woman who cannot help you financially when you are broke is a totally waste of time” she advised.

Omo Sly’s post

Although traditionally, men have been known to be the sole providers for the family, it is increasingly required of the modern woman to be a pillar to rely on when the man’s finances runs into difficult times.

Source: Nsemwoha.com

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