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Criss Waddle finally reacts to the issues between Medikal and his injured fan (screenshot)

The Arab Money Gang (AMG) boss Criss Waddle has finally reacted to the whole beef between Medikal, the media and the AMG injured fan.

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A couple of days ago, AMG Medikal came out to defend himself after his injured fan’s family went for a radio tour tarnishing his image.

According to Medikal, they’ve spent over 30,000 on the injured fan but his family still go around tarnishing his image.

Well, Criss Waddle has also reacted to the trending issue.

According to Waddle, the injured fan was able to tell his story but refused to tell how the AMG team spent over 20,000 cedis on him.

He added that, the entire team and Medikal’s mother took a risk to fight for him for about 2 months but he could say that one too.

Criss Waddle concluded that, he wish the media could pay the rest of the hospital bills for the injured fan.

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“The guy told all his story and never for once mentioned how money spent on him is more than 20,000 not to mention the risk your mum and the rest of team took to go back and forth for him for 2 months straight. Just because we need help sometimes don’t mean we have to be ungrateful. I really hope the media will pay the rest of his bills for him, he go Dey there keep until he comes back to tell the truth.” He wrote.