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Covid-19: Fasting will not solve the problem – Ibrah 1 to Nana Addo

Popular Ghanaian business mogul Ibrah 1 has intimated that the two fasting and prayer which was urged by President Nana Akufo-Addo won’t solve anything.

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Fellowing the outbreak of the covid 19, President Nana Akufo-Addo has put a lot of measures in place in order to protect the citizens from contracting the disease.

After praying for Ghana, the President has also ordered Ghanaians to fast and pray on 25th March, 2020 to seek God’s protection.

Well, Ibrah 1 has descended on Nana Addo saying fasting is not the best solution to the problem we are facing now.

According to him, more test kits needs to be imported rather than praying and fasting. He also added that we are just human and not smarter than the creator.

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He posted this on his Instagram story which read:

“What Ghanaians need tight now is more test kits for the Coronavirus. All pharmacies in Ghana should be turned into a place where they do the test. 2 days fasting will not change the situation. We are humans not smarter than the creator.

I will not starve myself knowing the fasting is baseless.”