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Covid-19: China is now the safest country on earth after drastic reduction in new cases

Wuhan in China may be the epicenter of the deadly Coronavirus that’s thrown the world into so much chaos but it seem currently, China may be the safest place away from covid19.

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The reason being that, the number of new cases recorded in the country has reduced significantly that life is returning to normalcy.

Many countries are grappling with an increasing number of new cases, with hard hit countries being Italy, Spain, Iran and the United Kingdom.

On Saturday health chiefs said there had been 13 new deaths and just 11 new cases, including people who recently arrived from other affected countries. More than 65,000 people have recovered from the disease in China.

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The good news emanating from China has been met with many reactions, prevalent among these are the suspicions that China intentionally unleashed the virus onto the world.

On the other hand, others are commending and actually recommending the drastic measures Chinese authorities employed to chop this success in the fight against the disease.

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