Couple weds While Dangerous Volcano Erupts in Background

A couple in the Philippines decided to proceed with their wedding while a volcano erupted in the background of their wedding venue.

Chino Valfor and Kat had been planning their wedding for eight years and were finally tying the knot at Savannah Farm. Warnings had been issued about the Taal Volcano located nearby but it was yet to get to emergency level as the ceremony began.

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Taal is the Philippine’s second most active volcano and the plume of ash on Sunday triggered the mass evacuation of 8,000 people from the area.

The wedding photographer, Randolf Evan, revealed that the volcano was at level 2 when the ceremony began but reached level four as the service continued.

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The couple, however, didn’t seem to care and the end result was the capture of some amazing photos.

The newlyweds

“It was going to be a special day for them no matter what, and it definitely was.” – Randolf Evan

According to Randolf, the couple was able to do their vows, first dance, and speeches and watch their on-site slideshow

Funny enough, the smoke from the volcano just kind of like served as an entertaining backdrop changing from white, yellow, pink and finally to grey.- Randolf Evan”

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