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Coronavirus is not a death sentence, stop stigmatizing survivors – Ghanaian President appeals


The president of the republic of Ghana, His excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, has in an emotional appeal, asked that coronavirus survivors not be stigmatized.

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The virus which is currently sweeping away lives and causing so much havoc in many countries around the world has seen many also surviving after contracting it.

It is these survivors, who now face stigmatization when they return to their communities after being cleared of the virus and testing negative for it.

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People see them as walking contagions and despise them for what is no fault of theirs.

The president in his appeal, which came as he addressed the Ghanaian people on April 19th, said contracting the virus is not a death sentence and people must desist from stigmatizing as the stigma could itself kill the survivors.

as has been aptly stated by the Ghana Medical Association, being infected by the Coronavirus is not necessarily a death sentence. I have noticed, with great concern, the stories of some persons, who have recovered from the virus, now being confronted with another problem, i.e. stigmatization. This is not right, as it will rather drive people away from getting screened, tested and treated. The stigmatization of recovered persons must stop, because if the virus did not end their lives and livelihoods, the stigma from members of their communities should not.” he said


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