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“Coronavirus can survive in Africa, don’t be fooled; Protect yourself”- Ibrah 1 to Ghanaian (screenshot)

Ghanaian business man Ibrah 1 has disclosed that Ghanaians shouldn’t be fooled that the corona Virus can’t survive in Africa because of the temperature.

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According to him, heat kills most bacterials but not all viruses so Ghanaians should protect themselves before it’s too late.

He went on to tell Ghanaians that, we didn’t need the government to tell us what to do before we do it but so far as we want to protect ourselves, we have to avoid visiting some places.

Ibrah 1 added that, we shouldn’t be deceived by the small of number of cases confirmed in Ghana because the virus is all over Ghana.

While making this revelation on his Instagram story he wrote:

Ghanaians should not be fooled that Coronavirus can not survive in Africa. We all know that heat helps in killing most viruses but not all, I should say only 23% of them.

We don’t need the government to shut down places before we stop going there.

Most restaurants and churches here have already closed down and this virus will spread in other places.

Don’t be deceived by the number of confirmed cases in Ghana, coronavirus is in every part of Ghana, and we need to play safe.”

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