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Copulation is a basic need for men and women, don’t take his money after it – Lady says

A lady has educated and adviced ladies on the need for intercourse as humans irrespective of gender, and why a lady is not necessarily doing a man a favor when she copulates with him.

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In the viral video, the lady claimed copulation is a basic need for both men and women, therefore women must not deny guys the way to their honey pot, especially after they have spent so much trying to woo them.

Speaking in twi, a local Ghanaian dialect, she said ladies must know that copulation equally benefits them and must reject monies given them by guys after the act.

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Did you know copulation is a basic need?…I know you’re surprised….and did you know not finding someone to enjoy the act with is disability?. The average guy spends GHC100 to satisfy this basic need. This morning I empower you, when you visit him and after enjoying the deed, refuse any money he gives you, you won’t die.” She said.