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“Continue to lie, we will continue to expose you” – Bukari Ali jabs Sammy Gyamfi


The Upper West NPP regional director of communications, Mr. Bukari Ali has hit at the national communications officer of the NDC, Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi for purportedly lying on a Television discussion program called Newsfile.

Mr. Ali in a lengthy and quite elaborate Facebook post pointed out what he sees as sustained attempts by Mr. Gyamfi to throw dust in the eyes of well meaning Ghanaians.

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The topic under discussion surrounded election violence and the purported training of Militants by the NPP, allegations the party and the National security office have denied.

Mr. Gyamfi was not pleased with senior journalist, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako’s referral to past incidents of election violence under the erstwhile administration in places like Cheriponi, Talensi among others.

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Mr. Gyamfi quizzed whether it was justifiable to base on past incidents to unleash violence in the present.

It is that comment that has got Mr. Ali responding to Sammy Gyamfi.

Mr. Ali also had some words for Lawyer Bentil, a fellow at think tank Imani Ghana, who was  also a panelist on the program and whose views, Mr. Ali disagreed with also.

Mr. Ali wrote: You see your life? Sammy Gyamfi has exposed on newsfile. He said the national security secretariat has not issued any statement discounting their allegation that the NPP is training party thugs at Asutuare towards the 2020 election. Samson Lardy, the host of newfile read a statement issued by the National Security after Sammy’s categorical statement.

It is OK to lie, but get this, you’ll be found out as a bare-faced liar. I do not know whether Sammy’s lying attitude is acquired or congenital.

On the subject, Sammy Gyamfi kept asking whether it is justifiable for Kweku Baako to use what happened under Mahama to train thugs now. This was when Mr. Baako recounted what happened in Cheriponi and Talensi. My position is that, it is not justifiable at all if indeed there’s a training of thugs by the NPP government in Asutuare. Unfortunately for Sammy Gyamfi and the NDC, the NPP isn’t training party thugs anywhere in Ghana. At least, the National security has come out to debunk that claim. Even if there was any such training, the beneficiary of the thuggery Cheriponi and Talensi like Sammy Gyamfi won’t be allowed to put himself in that position as a moral judge to tell anyone how dangerous it is train thugs.

Now, to Mr. Kofi ‘all knowing ‘ Bentil and his claim about some “bizarre ” equalization”. Dear Kofi Bentil, no one is equalizing anything. We’re comparing the NDC’s record against ours and are exposing their money for who they truly are. Except that, Mr. Bentil wants us to keep quiet in the face of the numerous propaganda, wicked lies and glaring ‘witchcraft ‘ that are being deployed by desperate Mahama and the NDC against us. Sorry, we’ll disappoint you on that. We’ll draw the comparison today and in the future until they demonstrate some semblance of honesty in discussing matters of national significant.

As a fellow to a Think Tank, I thought Mr. Bentil would’ve paid a critical attention to the question that has lingered all this while as to who did the shooting in Cheriponi and Talensi? I thought as an independent analyst and a lawyer, he would’ve credited the president and the government for taking the bold decision of first setting up the the Emil short commission. Especially when he was the directly accused by the NDC. In fact, Mr. Bentil knows the NPP rubbished the idea of a commission when the president announced his intention to set it up to probe the AWW by election violence. They said they weren’t going to be a complete party to it. Secondly and more critically, the promulgation and passage of a law to deal with the conduct of all political parties relative to vigilantism. Instead, you keep making reference to the Short report without crediting the brain behind it. All you sought to do was to ridicule the government.

Notwithstanding the blatant abuse of incumbency during the by elections in Talensi, the deployment of party bandits, the brutalisation of members of the NPP including chairman Blay and the passionate call on John Mahama to step in and provide the needed fatherly action, he ignored all the calls with utter disdain. Instead, he congratulated the victor because he was an NDC man.

What some of us find strongly and strangely disingenuous, is how the republic is now awashed with many a security expert posturing and talking as if they have just landed from space. It is absolutely nauseating. Well, one ingredient of democracy is freedom of speech. No one can take away the right of the other in a democratic space like ours to speak. So they have the right to wear blinkers to the reality and we also have the inalienable right to remind them of their record. Let those who are allergic to history deal with their allergies for all I care, we’ll keep disappointing them in how the reminders are thrown to them.

In the nutshell, Sammy Gyamfi’s quest to always disparage the president and the NPP will be exposed much the same way he’s been exposed this morning, while the lopsided security experts are treated with the highest scorn. And to the Bentils of our time, the voters in my village won’t be swayed by how sesquipedalian you sound and/or how eloquently you prattle on TV. They’ll judge the government by the policies it introduced and thee effects on their lives.

Bukari Ali
Reg com dir

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