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Choose someone who’ll change you for better over one who’ll only accept you as you’re – Lady Advises

As humans, one need that we all have, whether we acknowledge it or not is the need to be accepted others, something that make us feel like we belong and are important.


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But one thing that is also required of all humans in an ever changing world is the fact that we need to constantly improve for the better, in pursuance of a healthy and general quality of life.

The dilemma many people face, is choosing between someone who accepts them as they’re and someone who wants them alright but wants them to change for the better in some aspect of their life, most often it has to deal with body weight and some behaviors.

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Addressing the dilemma, a netizen has posited that it is better for one to choose someone willing to help them change for the better rather than someone who will only accept them as they’re.

Justifying her statement, Maame Efya said the goal in life for most people is to constantly improve and be better in all facets of life so if one is ‘bad’ in some aspect, expecting someone to accept one as they are is unreasonable and advised that if the person is willing to help them improve, they should run for it.

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Let’s face it, the goal is to be better in all facets of life. So to me, it’s better to choose someone who is willing to help you change for the better rather than insisting on someone who will accept you as you are.

If you are bad, don’t expect someone’s son or daughter to accept you as you are, but if he is willing to help you change for the better, don’t think twice, go for that person.” she wrote in a Facebook post.


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