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Choose a good man over a rich man, luxury doesn’t guarantee happiness – Ladies advised

A profound quote I came across has stuck with me and has set a thought rolling in my mind. What is true happiness? How does it come about?

The quote says “Don’t marry a rich man, marry a good man. Riches doesn’t guarantee happiness”. Take a minute to let that sink in.

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Ordinarily, many are those who will straightaway go for a rich man because he has all the material things in life to offer. But one thing I’ve come to know in life is, happiness is not dependent on the things around you but the people around you.

An increasing social pressure to means people will go where money is, but having all the material things in life, all the luxury money can buy is not a guarantee you will be happy if the people you love are self-serving and doesn’t give you peace of mind.

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If a man is rich and good as a person, you hit the jackpot, by all means go for it but if he’s full of himself because of his money, remember you will be a trophy woman, just one of his many properties only meant for his satisfaction and nothing more.

One sure sign to look out for is how he treats you not what he buys you. You will be able to spot the difference between a good man or otherwise.

In the video below, the issue has been discussed in depth. Watch it.

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