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China Police sacks blacks in China from their homes onto the streets (Video)


Several reports by blacks in China to Nsemwoha.com and over social media purports that, Black people in China are being sacked en masse from their homes onto the streets by China Police officers.

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The videos sighted by nsemwoha.com shows blacks being forcibly evicted from their paid Apartments onto streets with no food or blankets.

Some Chinese shops and restaurants are also descriminating against blacks by refusing to sell food or their merchandise to them in an apparent racially charged move.

Information we have gathered indicates that, despite China having the Novel Coronavirus which started in China under control, the number of new cases in the black community is rising.

It is unknown officially whether this is the reason for the inhumane expulsion onto the streets by Chinese authorities or it is due to some other undisclosed motive.

A comment by Nana Akua, A Ghanaian living in China reveals the extend to which the entire situation has reached.

She took to Facebook to write:

You claim whatever stupidity that is going on wasn’t authorized by the government, you keep denying all the racism and discrimination that is currently ongoing in broad daylight right under your nose, your forces and security personnel’s are the ones championing this and evicting blacks/ Africans from hotels and even their homes. Paid apartments and yet you aren’t stopping them or calling them to Order!… “


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