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Call for heads of ‘CARELESSLY CORRUPT APPOINTEES’ who misled the president – A PLUS


Musician Kwame A plus has lambasted some followers of the ruling NPP for not calling for the head of the appointees who are responsible for misleading the president, H.E. Nana Akufo Addo into approving by executive order, the amended AMERI deal under false pretense of being an urgent need to have the bill aid before parliament.

In a facebook post, the outspoken and ardent supporter of H.E Nana Akufo Addo said he wasn’t trying to tag the government corrupt but some appointees of the president were ‘carelessly corrupt’.


Below is the full post.

We complained that the 510 million Ameri deal was evil. We claim it was over priced by about $150.000.000. We cried to God almighty to remove NDC from power because they were milking this country dry and promised to renegotiate the deal to save Ghana money if he blessed us with power. So what happened?

Tell me one person, just one person in the NPP who will be given a car loan for five years and after paying for 3 years, instead of paying off and owning it will extend it by 15 years and keep paying monthly installments? Name just one person who will do this.

Today we are being told that somebody or group of persons misled the President into granting an executive approval for the renegotiation of the deal under the guise of there being an urgent need to have a bill laid in Parliament. Urgent? What caused this emergency? Under the proposed deal, Ghana was to make annual payments of $75m for 15 years which means we were going to pay 1125 billion. How did 510 million become bad but 1125 billion good?

When you talk they say you are giving the government a corruption tag. Nobody is attempting to give the government a corruption tag. It is some of the appointees who are “carelessly corrupt” and evil. Me Kwame A Plus, I can not be asked to campaign using the Ameri deal as one of the reasons why NDC must be removed from power only for you to come to power and make it worse and when I complain you turn around to tell me that I’m attempting to tag the government corrupt. That is not fair. Honestly that is just not fair. In fact that is pure disrespect.

In any case, it was your BA regional 1st vice, Abronye, who told us that your regional minister is corrupt. It was not Sammy Gyamfi. It was your whole party deputy general secretary who was caught on tape claiming that members of your government are “grabbing grabbing” (whatever that means) and not giving him some. It was not Koku Anyidoho. It was not Lordina Mahama who asked a government appointee to spend 93000 Ghana cedis on cloths and another 147000 dollars on rent. Was it Yayra Koku who asked for 800.000 Ghana Cedis to build a website? And you have some shameless NPP conformist who come on social media to tell us that the president said he was misled and has cancelled the deal so that makes it a listening government and we should therefore celebrate as if Ghana won the world cup. Did John Mahama propose the new arrangement and mislead the president to sign it? Why are you not calling for the heads of those who came up with that “evil” rearrangement plan and misled the whole president to sign it? “Power can be very tricky.” You don’t listen you NPP people!!! A spade is a spade not a big spoon. Me I have nothing to lose. #Choboappointees