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C-Real Writes : It Must Be Hard To Be Well


Ghana is a nation that fosters a society led by a simultaneously well-educated yet ignorant ruling class.The media is simultaneously well-equipped yet too often deliver sub-par reportage.

The Churches are full yet individual morality is at its lowest.
The economy is bad, yet a select few thrive. In all this it is clear that our problem is not the lack of resources or intelligence to manage and benefit from them.

Our problem is our nonchalant attitude to making and sustaining hard decisions for the greater good.
We export some of the most valuable commodities on the planet yet healthcare, education and even food reserves are in distress.

We open our economy to foreign investors who come here and lord over the citizens both socially and economically. Our Presidents have been nothing more than “Political Party Leaders” using the vessel of government and presidency to forward latent party agendas by manipulating the masses and the resources pledge to better the nation.

We have mined gold for over 100 years yet in total have not received even 10% of the value exported; as a nation. We have drilled oil for over a decade now yet have received less than 10% of the value exported; as a nation. The psycho-social orientation of the people in this country is what throws off our common sense.

We believe a government will save us by the mere fact they are “governments”. We believe religion will save us by the mere fact “We have faith”. Yet we do not believe that we must work because we do not want to accept that it will be HARD”

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