Busted : Killer Of Buduburam Police, Kasoa

The man in the featured image has been busted by the Akosombo Police, the last suspect in the killings of the Police Officer at Buduburam, Kasoa.

My take though:

I know he is certainly full of regrets now and the devil that made him commit that act has left him alone. This what Satan does to us, he deceives us to sin by our own hands, he uses anger, lust, obsession, revenge, greed, worldliness, bitterness, unforgiveness, betrayal etc to make us perform his will without his hands, when we fall in trouble he then leaves us alone with regrets.

This man’s young life and whole future is lost as he will serve life imprisonment or put to death. Such is life, some of the silly things we do out of misplaced anger can imprison our lives forever. Today someone has received a good news, bought a car, obtained a VISA, got a big business breakthrough, someone has married, others will win lotto, some will have children but this man up there will receive a sentence of his life. The devil has finished his work on him.

Supposing he was in church praying or preaching the gospel or not in the wrong place at the wrong time could this happen to him? Where is God in all this as this budding young man will be jailed forever or killed as punishment? He has given us his word, laws and commands and he expects us to follow them. Failure to do so makes God unable to help you no matter how he loves you. If you have survived your punishment as a result of your bad decision, don’t blame God because as you are blaming him someone else is thanking him so it’s sometimes our own choices that lands us in great peril.

God doesn’t wish evil for any of us. A lesson well learnt in life. It doesn’t mean we will not make mistakes but let’s depend on his grace, walk the right way, be prayerful and obedient to him. It is better to be a fool in God and live long than be wise in sin and die forever.

Eye witness report says he shot the police outside, followed him to a shop ordered the rest out and shot him the second time, killing him instantly. Report says the Police man slapped him first upon road stop, he then headed to his car as though he was taking something to appease the officers and then reached for a gun. Certainly this is a very calculated murder and not self defense and you can trust Ghana Police to handle this caught fugitive.

He had so many choices to walk off the scene but he chose to kill. Just a little minute of anger has set his whole life on fire. Sometimes too, I wonder what is the issue with Ghana Police, you send police officers to such danger zone unprotected? May God help us in this country.

God bless you as you read. ????????????


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