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Buses Saga: The hypocrisy of NDC exposed


Following the news that the current Chairman of the New Patriotic Party NPP, Freddie Blay had secured a loan facility to buy 275 buses to distribute to all constituencies for party activities, many were the voices condemning the act.

The acquisition coincided with stories of ‘No bed syndrome’ and lack of ambulance that were making waves in the public domain, prompting some to argue why the money wasn’t used instead to secure ambulances for the National Ambulance service.


This sentiment was further amplified by the opposition National Democratic Congress in order to score political points. Following their backlash, some members of the NPP have come out to expose the supposed hypocrisy of the NDC.

While in power, the NDC secured a fleet of vehicles for their party activities prior to the 2016 general election which they lost by a margin of more than a million votes to the NPP.

The aggrieved NPP members argued that at the time the NDC secured their fleet of vehicles, the ‘No bed syndrome’ and the problem of shortage of ambulances existed therefore the NDC has no moral right to call for the head of their chairman for buying vehicles from a loan he secured on his own to acquire the vehicles for the party.