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Blogging 101: How to copy a story without getting caught – Follow these 5 easy steps

I have noticed with concern how bloggers would rather copy content on other websites but later get penalized for it, a move which derails benefits, if any the copied content added to your site.


Copying every now and then is allowed. You can copy bits and pieces of other peoples content to bolster what you write, but always credit them.

But you don’t have to do that, especially with news bloggers if you follow these simple rules I have outline.

I’m giving out this free blogging tip and hopefully,  you will never copy others again, or won’t take others content without attributing it to them. (Although there are benefits in crediting websites. Will talk about it someday)

Okay here we go.



When you see a story on another website you wish to have on your site, here’s what you do.

1. Read the story

You first of all need to read the story to know what it is about. It is an essential step which will define how you approach the steps below.

2. Look for the substance in the story.

No story is written out of vacuum, every story has a substance, these are the facts based on which the writer reports the story. You need to be able to identify these and as a matter of fact, finding that out is straightforward. They’re mostly in the form of statements, videos, pictures, social media posts etc.

3. Get your copy of the substance

If whatever substantiates the story is in the public domain already e.g Video, tweet, Facebook post, screenshot etc, do a simple search for it or make a copy of what’s on that site (if the substance is their original piece, you have to credit them for it. You can’t escape this)

4. Make a Unique headline

Now make a headline unique from the one on the other site with the help of synonyms and adjectives. Unique headlines ensures that readers who has already seen the other story don’t think you copied from them because then they won’t read your content and it also affects your credibility.


5. Write from a different perspective 

That’s why you’re a blogger. Bloggers write and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

Write the body of the story from your different perspective than what you read. (Most stories have different dimensions and mostly, bloggers focus on the obvious)

E.g ???? Eno murders Sista Afia and her Ghost Sowutuom writer

Your headline: ???? Eno Barony haves mercy on Sista Afia, punches Medikal instead

The first headline most likely will focus on the beef between Eno and Sista Afia.

The second headline should focus on the impending beef between Sister Afia and Medikal with a little background knowledge of how the beef started.

Final Word and warning 

There are countless ways to write content and make them look unique even though you got your facts/substance from another website and if those facts are already in the public domain, then you don’t have credit that website.

Remember when you copy a story verbatim, the original publisher can have your website penalized for copyright and advertisements, the lifeline of your blog could be gone should he contact your advertisers with a complaint.

Some blogs pay writers for the content and copying is tantamount to stealing their hard earned cash and they won’t take it easy with you.

Let’s sanitize our blogosphere. Crediting them can sometimes prevent them from taking such extreme actions but you can’t always bet on it.