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Beware of international crypto scammer Kwaku Damete Kumi and GCCH


Global Coin Community help (GCCH) was a sham cryptocurrency trading firm set up by now well known International fraudster Kwaku Damete Kumi (KDK) which offered crypto Investment packages with returns of 27% for a year.

Somewhere late August, the firm folded up, management and agents went into hiding with their more than 100,000 clients lost as to the whereabouts of their monies.


This led hundreds to spend days sleeping at their offices at Nsawam and Haatso in the hope of retrieving their invested capital but all came to naught as the fraudster had made enough to go into hiding as he did in Nigeria and South Africa where he earlier had defrauded many of their hard earned money through dubious crypto investment schemes.

Many of his victims took loans from banks, credit union contributions etc to invest in the hope of growing their money unknown to them the intentions of Kwaku Damete Kumi

Kwaku Damete Kumi and his accomplice Opatey are being investigated by the Economic and Organized crime organization and the Criminal investigation Department of the Ghana police service after some victims reported his fraudulent conduct to the authorities.

Below are some comments from victims.