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“Being powerful or wealthy does not make you a God in people’s lives” – Shan George fires


Nollywood actress Shan George has lambasted people who are of the opinion that without them some people will not succeed in life.

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In a social media post, the veteran actress opined that being a person with power, wealth or you occupy a position of authority does not make you a God in other people’s lives.

It’s common especially in the movie industry for a director or a senior actor to want to decide who makes it big in the industry based on their preferences. We can’t tell whether the message is meant for such people as it was not mentioned.

She posted a short video on her Instagram page with the following caption. “For all those who allow money, fame, power, position of authority, get into their head. This message is for u. Receive sense this new month, Change for d better. U can never be anybody’s God. We have been Rising without u, and we will keep Rising without u. Should I raise d volume? Their Fada ????”

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