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Before you check if she’s cheating, make sure she’s happy. Happy women don’t cheat

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The ego of many men are usually bruised beyond repair when they find out their partner is cheating on them, owing to the fact that when a loyal lady cheats, it’s mostly because she’s finally fallen out of love.

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To ensure they don’t face such a predicament, some men resort to closely monitoring their women to ensure no guy is lurking or trying to take their place.

Advise has therefore gone to men to focus their attention on making their partners happy and allaying their concerns and insecurities by being of good behavior and reaffirming their love and commitment.

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Explaining this assertion, netizen Thulani Mandla intimated that, the propensity for a happy woman to cheat is almost nonexistent, it is therefore important that men, instead of checking if their partner is cheating, should rather ensure she is happy.

Start checking if your wife is happy, before checking she is cheating on U, Happy women don’t cheat, can I increase volume” she wrote

Thulani’s Facebook post
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