Beef Alert: Kweku Smoke Attacks Kuami Eugene Over Comments About Attaa Adwoa Song

Rapper Kweku Smoke has hit out at Kuami Eugene for speaking against Bosom PYung’s Attaa Adwoa song and Ghanaians.

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This follows comments by Kuami Eugene in which he blasted Ghanaians for choosing bad songs over the songs that carry messages.

Kuami Eugene was responding to a question posed by a presenter on the trending song Attaa Adwoa, a tune that went viral.

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“Sometimes bad songs get attention than the good ones. One needs to keep promoting one’s songs by roaming from radio station to radio station to get needed attention from the public. But when you release one foolish song, everybody is willing to push that one” Kuami Eugene expressed.

Kweku Smoke in response has blasted Kuami Eugene for saying Ghanaians like promoting foolish songs.

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In a post on his twitter handle, he referred to Kuami Eugene as a ‘Jon Boy’ and sounded a warning to him to stay in his lane.

“Dey your lane Boosu don’t talk on anybody related to me…if ebi your time ebi your time. Because Enoe be your song ebi foolish song Kwasia if Enoe be Ghana like how you this Jon boys fee do music sef …you don’t choose what people should listen to ahiaafo) nkurasefo) aho)yaa” Kweku Smoke tweeted.

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