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Beef Alert: Efia Odo denies Shatta Wale like Peter denied Jesus [Photos]

Not too long along ago these two, Musician Shatta wale and Socialite Efia Odo were inseparable, almost dropping pictures and videos of time spent together online everyday.

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Nobody would have guessed that a few months on, there would exist such animosity between the two former buddies and potential love birds that they’d want nothing to do with each other.

Efia Odo has in recent days, subtly indicated how Shatta Wale hurt her in some way or form and have angrily warned fans not to tag her in anything Shatta Wale online, even going ahead to denying knowing any man called Shatta Wale.

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This is confirmed by the apparent distance that’s developed between the two. No more videos of the two partying in Shatta’s studio or house, no mentions and no pictures.

When a fan asked her to push Shatta Wale to shoot video to his song ‘bad man’ and with her, Efia replied: “I dunno that man”.

Efi Odo asks fan not to tag her in Shatta Wale Posts Again
Efia Odo denies Shatta Wale like Peter denied Jesus

Efia Odo might have taken the place of Shatta Michy when she left the king of Ghana Dancehall, but she isn’t taking it easy on herself after she was apparently replaced, by Nikki Samonas or Wendy Shay, who knows.


What’s certain though, is that the two are at loggerheads and one is bitter about it, palpably.