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Be respectful, People have paid heavy prices for how they used their mouth – Mufti Menk

Popular Islamic cleric Mufti Menk has admonished citizens of the world, especially young people to always be civil and matured to others even when they disagree strongly.

At a time when social media is the order of the day, people find an avenue to churn vituperations at others hiding behind their phones and virtual selfies.

But the Mufti in sounding the warning posited that we should all try to very mature about our disagreements and respect others, trying everything possible not to be vulgar towards each other as people have paid very heavy prices for words of their mouth and by extension, their words.

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Don’t be vulgar, Never be vulgar, always be respectful, people have paid heavy prices for the way they used their mouth, heavy prices. So even if you differ very strongly on some matter, always be respectful, discuss it like a human being, as they say, be very mature about it, don’t be childish, don’t be immature” he said

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