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Be a supportive girlfriend, not a tax collector – Lady advises

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“Women are takers and not givers”, ask any ordinary man who is dating a woman and there’s almost a 100 percent probability that they’d agree to this statement out of experience or because they’ve seen it happen all too often to people they know.

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It is no secret, that a man is expected to be the provider and that includes footing the personal expenses of their partner, a task that should any man fail at, risk losing their woman to another man with more money to offer.

But a lady has begged to differ, saying women are not tax collectors to be taking their share from their man’s hustle, if they’re not rather going to add to it.

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Taking to Twitter, @miracleShadrach said every man deserves a supportive woman by his side as they journey through life not a leech who will siphon his hard earned money to spend on vanity.

Be a supportive girlfriend, not a tax collector” she wrote, admonishing women to be supportive to their partners.

Tweet by Miracle Shadrach
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