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Bath, dress well and smell good, you are broke not mad – Man advices


Seemingly, the social perception of a broke person is one of a shabbily looking, unkept and smelly person hustling under the unforgiving heat of the sun for his daily bread.

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For such people, they focus so much on their daily bread and basic needs that they forget to take a second look at their appearance to the extent that sometimes the line between the extremes of such people and a mad person by appearance is quite thin.

This has led a netizen to send a piece of advice to all, especially, those who classify themselves as broke and pay little or no attention to their appearance.

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In his advice, the netizen said even though one may be broke, it still doesn’t stop him/her from taking a bath, dressing well in whatever dress they have, combing their hair nicely and smelling good ontop.

Bath, dress well, comb your hair, smell good. You are broke not mad” he wrote.

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