Home Politics “Ato-Forson sponsored thugs beat Health Minister and cameraman”- PK Sarpong Writes

“Ato-Forson sponsored thugs beat Health Minister and cameraman”- PK Sarpong Writes


To say that violence is deeply ingrained in the NDC would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, the NDC is the personification of violence.

What makes this worrying is the fact that this deep-rooted phenomenon is found not only in the ordinary members of the party but their party leadership, including some Members of Parliament.

The Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu, escaped death by dint of sheer luck today at Ajumako. At a ceremony to open the Ajumako Polyclinic for the consumption of the general public, the Hon. Minister for Health was met with more than a stiff opposition today.

In the course of the ceremony, some machete-wielding NDC thugs who are known members of their vigilante group, the Hawks, and who are known to be bodyguards of Cassiel Ato-Forson, the MP for Ajumako, stormed the ground and messed up everything.

The group pounced on the minister and his entourage over a reason that holds many a Ghanaian spellbound.

The Ato-Forson-sponsored thugs would not have the Health Minister commission the project because, according to them, the facility was an NDC project and would, therefore, not allow the NPP to claim credit for it.

As if that was not enough, the group pelted stones at the minister and his entourage some of whom sustained various degrees of injuries in the process.

A cameraman who works for MultiMedia was brutally assaulted by the thugs. His crime was that he was filming their criminal acts and wanted to take the camera away from him so that they could get rid of what had been captured on the tape.

It took the combined efforts of security persons at the ceremony and some good Samaritans to wrestle the young cameraman from the clutches of these criminals.

How an MP would supervise such violent acts over a project that was funded with taxpayers’ money is something that the mind cannot easily assimilate.

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