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Appreciate your man for the little he can afford, he goes through a lot to put food on the table

Abundance in the world has led many to be ungrateful as many fail to see the effort others put in meeting their needs.

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The issue is more prevalent in relationships especially with the advent of social media, where people like to compare their lives with others, most often belittling themselves and being ungrateful for the efforts of their partners.

In view of the bad consequences that can result from under appreciation and ungratefulness, it is important that a deliberate attempt is made to show gratitude for the little others do in all spheres of life.

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It can be said that men often bear the financial brunt in relationships and in Africa, where a daily meal is a struggle for most families, it is incumbent on spouses to show appreciation to their men for being responsible enough to hustle to put the little food they can afford on the table each day.

In conclusion a grateful life is a graceful one and we must all appreciate people who go out of their way to make life a little comfortable for us.

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