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(Video) Angry Mob tries to Lynch Suspects Who Shot Dead Two Policemen at Kasoa

Nsemwoha reported that three suspects were in police custody after they shot two officers at Aplaku near Kasoa, Yesterday 28th August 2019.

Police Swiftly pursued them and arrested the three suspects who committed the heinous crime.

When they were finally brought to the Kasoa MTTU Station, an irate crowd gathered at the Station called for the reciprocation of the killing and even tried to do the act themselves.

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They quizzed what the police officers had done to them necessitating their unfortunate shooting which led to their deaths.

The police of course stopped the attack on the suspects and are investigating and processing the three for court.

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Nsemwoha.com has also gathered that the firearms the cop-killers used were registered.

They were being pursued by the officers for using an unregistered vehicle but the suspects fired on the them killing them instantly.

Nsemwoha.com is still following the issue and will update you…..


Source: nsemwoha.com